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Clean air is a basic right

Peter van Wees:

Because clean air is a basic right...


Interview Business-Class RTL 7 (10.30)

On Sunday 10th of november, Peter van Wees will be interviewed by Harry Mens on the Dutch TV show: Business Class. Peter will give a sneak preview of his latest development the 3.0 version of the SmogKiller. Business Class website

TÜV nord tested 2.500 m³ unit

And the results are mind blowing. The full report is available. Potential clients can request a copy. 

Interview Peter van Wees on  Business News radio (BNR)

In this show (started at 12.00) Peter van Wees explained why his latest invention: the Smogkiller and the Cirqulair Home versions is so important. Want to know more? Please send a mail to: 

Unique new large clean air filtersystem (SmogKiller) for fine and ultra fine particles, gives fantastic results!

van Wees innovations has designed and developed a new revolutionary system that can filter very large quantities of fine particles and ultra-fine particles from ambient air. This exiting new innovation cleans from 300 m³ up to 4,800,000 m³ of air per hour!

Feel free to check our first video of the first amazing test results (Dutch)

Air pollution can be defined in five different category's. First we have the group of "Large particles" which we call big dust particles. They are particles larger than 10 mu meter. Second group are the Fine dust particles. They range between 2.5 and 10 mu meter. Third group are the most difficult to catch. They are called the MPPS (Most Penetrating Particle Size). They range from 100 nano meter until 2.5 mu meter. The fourth group are the ultra fine particles. They range between 1 nano meter and 100 nano meter. The last and final group are the 'Pico dust' particles. All below 1 nano meter. 

Using multi sub-processes, this system removes 100% of the fine particles and over 99,99% of the ultra-fine particles (!!) An absolute novelty. The system is not only revolutionary, but also the only one of its kind in the world! van Wees innovations is finally making it possible for anyone to protect their environment against the fine- and ultra-fine particles. Because we strongly believe: clean air is a basic right for everyone!

According to the World Health Organisation "Smog polluted air" costs every single nation about 10% of their gross national product annually. The Worldbank also published an article on the fourth leading risk factor for premature deaths worldwide, read it here




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1094 RA Amsterdam. The Netherlands


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Compliant to European legislation

Cirqulair "SmogKiller" systems comply on European standards on cleaning air regarding fine particles.

Clean room / hospital

Our filter systems are so accurate that it can be used to generate Clean rooms (even in a tent) or hospital environments. (Operating rooms). 

Extreme fast results

Clean air in one run only. That means inmediate results without the need to filter the filtered air again (and again).


Cirqulair systems are fully adjustable to not only filter fine and ultra fine particles but also other pollution sources. Like gasses and microbes.

Outside and inside

Cirqulair can adjust specifications in a way that our SmogKiller kan be used in offices, schools en other buildings, next to the use outside to filter huge quantities of air.

Improve combustion

Cirqulair systems can be used to improve the net efficiency for large Power plants. (at least 5%) ROI for months instead of years.


I think [air pollution] will turn out to be just the same as tobacco—there’s no safe threshold.
— Caleb Finch, University of Southern California


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